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Resources for Teachers

Resources for Teaching American Religious Diversity

Photo by Bob Jagendorf, Creative Commons

The conventional world religions curriculum introduces students to basic facts about major religious traditions, but this "dates and doctrines" approach is not enough.  The resources here will help you and your students develop a richer understanding of religious diversity.  Follow the links on this page for:

  • A bibliography of research on the religious diversity of New York City, so you can explore the religious worlds of New York from the comfort of your own home -- though we do hope you'll join us to explore them in person!

  • A bibliography and filmography of novels and feature films set in diverse American religious communities, as well as a filmography of documentaries exploring aspects of American religious life.  These sources can help you bring the lived experience of religious diversity into your classroom.


We hope these resources will enrich your teaching, your students' learning, and the civic life of our multicultural democracy.  And we welcome suggestions for additional resource lists -- what would help you teach more effectively about the everyday life of American religious diversity?  Please let us know!